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HF Home Jewels

Florence,  Handcraft

A laboratory of ideas combining centenary old working techniques and materials with refined design. A collection of moments which pass on an heritage of experience, craftsmanship and true passion…

Fondazione Arte della Seta Lisio Firenze

Florence, textile manufactory

Heir to the textile manufactory founded by Giuseppe Lisio in Florence in 1906: the primary objective is to keep alive and hand down the art of hand-weaving in silk, gold and silver. To this end, the foundation conducts actual production as well as teaching and cultural activities

Carlo Apollo

Milan, Antique Italian Floors

“Inspired by ancient Renaissance inlays and woodwork, the designer juxtaposes reclaimed period woods into beautiful and refined geometric or naturalistic compositions of astonishing elegance, often highly complex, rich in different chromatics related to the various essences artfully combined, destined to become decorative panels for exceptional interiors, flooring of entire rooms or wooden carpets to embellish corridors, foyers and passages. ” cit. The Ducker

Orsoni Venezia 1888

Venice, furnace

Orsoni is the last historic furnace in Venice that uses the same artisanal Byzantine techniques since 1888 to produce Venetian smalti and gold leaf mosaics in infinite tonalities forging glass with colour. The history of the Furnace began with Angelo Orsoni’s passion for an ancient art that has handed down mysterious alchemical secrets for four generations. In 1889 Angelo set out for the Paris Universal Exposition where he displayed his legendary multicolor panel as a sample of Orsoni’s Colour Library, the magical place where over  …

Re Ottavio

Milan, Fashion accessories

Since 1934 we have been carrying out an artisan activity unique in Milan and now rare throughout the world. In our small in-house showroom at 1 Via Bagutta, located in the center of the famous fashion quadrilateral, we create countless models of belts and buttons made strictly by hand in our adjoining workshop.

Rubboli Cultural Association

Perugia, Lustre pottery

The Rubboli Cultural Association is based in Gualdo Tadino and was founded in 2007 by Maurizio Tittarelli Rubboli and Marinella Caputo with the cultural aim of promoting and protecting the lustrous pottery technique of the mastrogiorgesca tradition, according to the canons described by Cipriano Piccolpasso in 1558 in his work Li Tre Libri dell’Arte del Vasaio (The Three Books of the Art of the Vase Maker). The Rubboli family, in continuity with the past, since the beginning of its activity in 1873, has used muffle kilns, which today represent the only ones now existing throughout the country.

Museo dell’Arte Vetraria Altarese

Altare, Glass

According to a deep-rooted and constant oral tradition, the art of glassmaking was anciently introduced in Altare by a Benedictine community that, having found the right natural conditions, is said to have called some expert artisans from the north of France (Normandy or Brittany). A comparison with the archival data acquired later does not invalidate what has been reported….

Museo della Carta

Subiaco, Paper

Walking through the museum it is possible to retrace the entire production cycle of paper as it was done in the 13th century by the Mastri Chartai, from the arrival and storage of the raw material, the “STRACCI”, to the finished product, the PAPER…..

Contemporary Sacred Art Fnd.

Florence, Sacred Art

The Sacred Art School is an international school rooted in Tuscany which was founded to promote creativity in art and artistic craftsmanship, with a boundless openness to the world of the sacred……

Museo Diocesano Monreale

Monreale, Sacred Art

The Diocesan Museum is a privileged place that offers to the public significant masterpieces of sacred art, which tell the story of faith, Christian devotion and the varied artistic expression of a diocese…..

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