Maurizio Tittarelli Rubboli

Perugia, Gold and ruby lustre technique

In 1873 his great-grandfather Paolo founded the Rubboli manufactory and reintroduced in the Gualdo Tadino (Perugia) area the gold and ruby lustre technique of the mastrogiorgesque tradition. Maurizio born in 1959 already as a boy was engaged in the family business.

A graduate in Portuguese language and literature, he stayed for long periods in England, Greece and Portugal. Since 1996 he began his own ceramic production. In addition to innovative production, he makes artifacts with a historicist imprint while respecting the family tradition by still using the old nineteenth-century muffle kilns where the pieces are fired on a third fire with wood and dried broom….

Davide Furno

Biella, Wax model foundry

Since ancient times man has imitated for the most varied reasons the fruits that nature gives us: as artistic or symbolic models, for decoration, for purely playful pleasure… But it was in the Age of Enlightenment that the technique of carpoplasty was adopted, in the wake of the increasingly frequent studies aimed at identifying and cataloguing the numerous varieties then in existence and the even more numerous new ones that were continually being selected. Craft workshops and art studios sprang up all over Europe in which ….


Volterra, Alabaster

Alab’Arte, owned by Roberto Chiti and Giorgio Finazzo, is now the only company in Volterra representing the handcrafted sculpture sector.
After completing their studies at the local State Institute of Art and after many years of experience in alabaster workshops, Roberto Chiti and Giorgio Finazzo understood the importance of keeping this handcrafted tradition alive and brought their particular workmanship back to its natural setting in the historic center of Volterra….

Antonina De Luca

Milan, Hat maker

The hat, the most significant, symbolic and important among the accessories. Antonina has a well-established path in the world of fashion and costume, a path based on solid knowledge of millinery and style. Thanks to the study of the most sophisticated craft techniques and the aptitude for experimentation, her atelier is a place of choice for headgear……


Arezzo, Blow Iron

A long tradition that begins in 1885 and arrives to the present day with the fifth generation, maintaining a historical Tuscan craftsmanship combined with the contemporaneity that exalts and seduces. A path characterized by dedication, constant research, comparison and experimentation of new lines and artistic techniques. Caporali is synonymous with the union between innovation and tradition that translates into an elegant and original style expressing  ………

Enrico Ragni

Macerata, Amanuensis

Enrico Ragni, alias Màlleus, a pseudonym adopted at the age of 17, was born in Fabriano on September 3, 1953. He founded the Antica Bottega Amanuense in 1988 with the intention of bringing back to life the historical tradition of the art of illuminated manuscripts and codes as in the ancient scriptorium of the amanuensis monks.

Fonderia D’Arte Del Giudice

Greve in Chianti, foundry

Fonderia Del Giudice is a place where every job is given the right attention, study and reflection, where every single material and every single idea is given the time and respect it requires. The family dimension of the company, the direct relationship with people, the availability of new projects and new challenges are our way of working, testing ourselves for new achievements and new ideas for artists is the engine that drives us…..

Ornella Bijoux

Milan, Bijoux

Born in 1944, Ornella bijoux is one of the most renowned and prestigious brands in the world of handmade costume jewelry and Haute Couture: brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, parures and tiaras are expertly handmade, personalized with handmade finishes and decorated with motifs inspired by the world of nature, art and classic jewelry.

Pino Grasso Ricami

Milan, embroideries

Pino Grasso’s intuition, the professionalism of his work, his eye always projected into the future and his steady hand in seeking absolute perfection, make his workshop one of the most important centers of Italian fashion. Not only for the realization of the most precious embroideries, but also for the research of innovative solutions, for the use of unexpected materials or for the invention of new possibilities: it is no coincidence that in 2010 the Milanese embroiderer was awarded ………

Gabriele Maselli

Florence, Wood Carver

More than 60 years after its birth, the small and characteristic Bottega d’Arte Maselli, thanks to the experience and passion that Gabriele Maselli continues to nurture for his work, guarantees services of impeccable quality under the banner of meticulous craftsmanship and careful attention to the …

Arazzeria Scassa

Asti, Tapestry

It is one of the most important tapestry ateliers in the world. Today,
just like yesterday, each Scassa tapestry is worked by the skilled hands of weavers on seventeenth century looms, with the traditional
high-heddle technique of the great tapestry ateliers of the past. Works
of art and crafts, revealing a chosen know-how that has been handed down in their family for two generations….

Platimiro Fiorenza

Trapani, Coral Master

The last coral master. Artist, goldsmith. Since 1921 the Fiorenza family has been running the ancient jewelry shop that makes the most demanding creations using all types of precious materials. The master Platimiro Fiorenza, over the years, has received numerous awards and recognitions including the inclusion in the R.E.I. (Register of Intangible Heritage) in the “Book of Living Human Treasures” by UNESCO….


Milano, Master in decoration

They are a brand of high craftsmanship based in Milan. They look for inspiration in nature and art to create handmade wallpapers and decorative painting that combine matter, texture and color in unprecedented ways, giving a new language to interior design….

Sileno Cheloni

Florence, Master Perfumer

Unacknowledged events and obsessions, related to the sense of smell, hide behind evocative images, waiting patiently to be told through a proper story. Master Sileno Cheloni’s vision begins with the search for precious essences, expertly translated into unique formulas of ancient charm. Evoked by fragrances through a ….

Akelo-Andrea Cagnetti

Viterbo, Sculptor

Known as Akelo (from “Acheloo”, Greek waters divinity) – is an Italian sculptor, designer and goldsmith. Several publications, reviews, and TV show feature Akelo, emphasizing not only his talent and originality, but also the value of his researches, which are today subject of studies in Art Institutes. Akelo was born in 1967 in Corchiano (Viterbo), a village built over…

Vanessa Cavallaro

Altare, Crystal Carver

Dedicating her life to glass engraving was like coming home. After graduating in advertising graphics from the European Institute of Design in Turin, Vanessa decided to leave the big city and return to live in Altare, a small town in the Ligurian hinterland where her father ran his workshop. The history of this region is closely linked to the production and engraving of…

Andrea Berti

Scarperia, Artisan Knives

It is an artisan workshop founded in 1895 by David Berti in Scarperia (Florence). We produce Italian artisan knives, handmade in Italy. Italian because they are models that belong exclusively to our Tradition, that of the Berti Family, as such very Italian. We adhere to the Berti Handicraft Method: whoever starts a knife finishes it, and signs it with …..

Alessandro Bianchi

Florence, Sculptor Scagliola

To bring Florence back to the center of a new Grand Tour for all art lovers looking for a unique object for their home, it took the passion of an employee/artist lover of painting who for ten years (we are at the end of the Forties) dedicates his free time to search for the right formula for scagliola mixtures….

Leonardo Scarpelli

Florence,Commesso Fiorentino

In 1992 Leonardo, Renzo’s second son, who since childhood has shown strong artistic inclinations, graduated from the Art Institute of Florence and officially joyned the family business where today his more contemporary sensitivity leads him to prefer subjects of a modern matrix. His preference for contemporary art is expression of the studies of the great masters of art of all time and of his mastery in creating a dialogue with materials. But Renzo has a dream cherished since he was a boy: to have his own shop, in the center of Florence, capable of involving all the members of the family.

Gianni Raffaelli

Florence, Etching prints

In Florence, in the historic district of Florentine artisans, L’Ippogrifo Stampe d’Arte has been recreating the ancient technique of etching for more than 40 years. Gianni Raffaelli, together with his wife Francesca and their son Duccio, create their works by engraving them manually…

Tommaso Pestelli

Florence, Goldsmith

The Florentine master goldsmith and jeweler Tommaso Pestelli is a qualified restorer in the jewelry and glyptics section of the Opificio delle Pietre Dure, specializing in the restoration of metal artifacts. He carries out an intense activity of restoration on commission of heritage services, museums, galleries, antique dealers and private collectors.

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