Techno Hands

Techno Hands

Monica Monti

Today, being a craftsman means knowing how to draw on various resources.

It’s necessary to have a lot of skills and knowledge regarding both the processing techniques and the tools used in the workshop, many of them obviously faithful to the past traditions.

Dexterity is always the starting point to create a unique piece. In the Bianco Bianchi workshop, we engrave with hammer and chisel, smooth by hand, and then trace the details of the design with the burin.

We try to retrace the tradition linked to the artistic technique of scagliola as it was done in ancient times, albeit making use of the contributions that technology has given us.

In my opinion, we should not always see the latter in a sort of antithetical relationship with the past and the savoire-faire typical of craftsmanship. This is because, in the digital age, we need to know how to exploit a little of everything at our disposal so we can make the most of it.

Promotion and communication through social channels, and all the improvements made by technology, if they are able to be exploited wisely, can help the craftsman perfect his work and make it more effective and competitive in the market.

Therefore we cannot go back, if not only to bring to light the secrets of each technique, enhancing it with every means we have at our disposal… TECHNOLOGY included.

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