Antica Occhialeria

Antica Occhialeria

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Monica Monti

Want to stand out this summer? Hide your eyes behind a lens with protective filters and glamorous frames? The Antica Occhialeria of Florence has your glasses or builds them for you in a completely artisanal way.

They anticipate trends based on experience and expertise. So let’s find out what they have created for the 2021 spring-summer season.

We are in an exclusive workshop, with white furniture, red velvet, and wooden drawers in the center of Florence. Here, since 1956, lovers of beauty, looking for a personalized style, find their kingdom.


When in 1956 Lucio Enrico Di Nardo, expert collector, and lover of all aspects of art, began his activity of optics, he certainly did not imagine that his descendants would have transformed it in a business of handcrafted eyeglass.

In this historic Florentine store, the activity began in 1956 with Enrico di Nardo and continued with his son Giuseppe. His love for art led him to sell unique antique unused pieces and he was among the first to reproduce retrò style glasses.



The passion and attention to detail has come to the present day in what continues to be a family business but with a modern imprint.



What makes the creations of the Florentine workshop unique is the vast historical collection from which the Di Nardo family still draws inspiration. “Sol”, for example, is an English model taken from a catalog of the fifties, along with other shapes otherwise unobtainable.


Each piece is carefully finished by hand in full respect of the tradition of “Made in Italy”.



The selection of materials is one of the distinctive elements. They transform precious materials such as gold,l leather, horn, and wood into a vintage or modern shape, which forms a unique and surprising style.



The original frontal shapes are enhanced by the care of the individual rods, designed ad hoc. So let’s see which line best represents you.

Want to exude confidence wherever you go?

Small, slim frames are the ones for you. For a 90s style, look for clean, slightly upturned frames and dark lenses.

Want to transform your style?

50’s style frames, light colors, and a classic cat-eye shape are your best bet.

Is your style classic and understated?

The seemingly inconspicuous clear, translucent eyewear is here to stay. You can go for the colorless, clear version or the bolder, more colorful one.

Do you love retro-vintage and feel a little rock?

This style is becoming a favorite of every fashionista. Whether it’s square or rectangular it has been in vogue for a few years. If you want a mysterious charm choose an oversized frame, while if you like a more defined look go for the square frame.

Do you want everyone’s eyes on you?

Revisited aviator-style glasses will guarantee the result. You can choose either sporty, retro, or modern silhouettes in classic or oversized options.

Whatever style you want to interpret the AO will realize for you the coolest frames and the shade made customized for you!

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