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Young people LOVE ART…

Young people LOVE ART…

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Monica Monti

When I went to school I’d never bet that one day I would find myself protagonist in my father’s workshop.


If I must be sincere, I didn’t even think about it. All roads led me to university, law, literature or any other faculty it was.

It was not even imaginable that a young guy wished or dream of becoming a craftsman. To work and build something beautiful with his own hands.


Leonardo Bianchi


And yet I was raised and grew up close to this “lost” world, stale, not in step with the times, as the vast majority of my friends thought at the time.

It was as if the world had done everything to keep me far from to the art of scagliola, to that long, tiring and complex artistic technique that I have had alongside since birth. Instead, the solution was already within me.


Over time I have become a witness to a tradition and a history in which I rediscovered my identity, my roots.

I finally realized what I had to do when I grew up not so much because I had to do it as a routine, but because it was life itself that pushed me in that direction to make my work the greatest expedient to fulfill myself and define myself as a human being.



Finally I could perceive myself differently.

So I learned to engrave, to create and make colored mixture, to smooth out the same material that had given me a future, a new hope.

Where my skills ended, my strength of despair began, I dare say. And that’s what made the difference.

Paradoxically it was the biggest motivation I felt to learn and to move on.


Young people are not all clueless or idle, as we often read in newspapers or watch in TV.

They must have time and availability to learn to fail with their own hands.

In the current digital age to grant them the right to make mistakes and to approach them to a world little sponsored but rich of passion and traditions is the key to revive and ensure their future.


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