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Sketch Art

Sketch Art

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Monica Monti

Every time I visit the workshop of a Master Craftsman, in addition to admiring their creations, I ask to see their sketches or drafts.

I love discovering their creative process and how from an idea the Master arrives at the final work. In addition to being superlative makers, they are great drawers first and foremost.

The deep connection between drawing and the realization of the artifact is so evident!

After all, artists over the centuries have used drawing to sketch, analyze, formulate and understand the artistic idea. Leonardo da Vinci was one of the greatest masters of drawing.

Marco Orlandi creative and teacher defines the sketch this way:

“I believe that at the bottom of everything there is an essential symbolism, some primordial structure that characterizes its form and content.

The sketch is the way in which we manage to synthesize reality in its essential forms.”

The sketch does not serve only to represent the existing but it is also functional to the final realization, it serves to take confidence and to sketch what will be realized in the final work.

Scarpelli Mosaici Fiori

So the moment you draw the design idea you begin to understand the dimensions, proportions, details, combinations, and finally the overall vision.

I don’t want to get into the matter of the border between craftsmanship and art, but I firmly believe that all the Masters I have met in my wanderings are Artisans who have made an Art of their craft, not only in the realization but also in the conception and design. I hope you agree with me that they are fully-fledged Artists.

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