The color of the VIOLETS turned into a THREAD

The color of the Violets turned into a Thread

……. so that the memory of a love story linked to the color of violets was transformed into a thread and then into the trademark of the

Antica Fabbrica Passamanerie Massia Vittorio 1843

The story handed down by the family tells of Vittorio, who was in love with Antonietta: he could not give her anything - little crowns, fans, shrugs, parasols - that was embellished with amethysts as he would have liked, since purple was then a color of exclusive royal use and only those who lived in the palace had the privilege of using it. So, in springtime Vittorio would go along the Po River and in the cool undergrowth of the hills he would pick violets, violets and then many more violets to give to his beloved. Antonietta, for her part, kept all the flowers Vittorio gave her. And so that is how the memory of a love story linked to the color of violets was transformed into a thread and then into the trademark of the trimmings house.

This beautiful story was told to me by Massimiliano, the sixth generation of Antica Passamaneria Massia 1843 in Turin.

Tradition in the world of weaving dictates that every weaver has his signature on high-end fabrics: usually on the long side of the fabric, there are indications of the origin of the precious garment.

Massia’s trimmings, since the end of the 19th century, have used a discreet but ever-present purple thread as a distinctive sign.



This ancient art has always been synonymous with heroism, refinement and privilege. The Massia family prides itself on its ability to preserve and restore historical objects, but also to create modern and contemporary decorative elements.


It is the ancient recipes, handed down from father to son for six generations that allows them to maintain a very high level of quality over time.




The historic store is in the center of Turin in the palace of the Counts Giriodi di Pannissera where Silvio Pellico wrote “Mie prigioni”. Their historical store is protected by the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage.


The factory is an old mill of the ‘600 on the banks of the Dora (now also a museum). The mechanical looms are all original, the most ancient of the ‘700 and the most modern of the post-war period allow unique workmanship.



Here Vittorio still makes his strings by hand with a slow, dedicated and meticulous work and it is here that with Massimiliano they carry out historical research to reconstruct original production processes for restoration work or analysis of innovative materials such as neoprene or carbon fiber.

Seeing them working together, one with his inexhaustible knowledge and the other with the curiosity for innovation and avant-garde, makes this place historical, visionary and contemporary.

Here you can find the art of weaving yarns, two centuries of craftsmanship of the highest quality, toggles, bangs, bows for royal furniture, theaters, high fashion clothing and in each, unfailingly, with their signature in ….. Violet.

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