Carlo Fagiani Exhibition

With this exhibition, Fagiani returns to appear with his new creations in a territory that he knows well and that somehow belongs to him. Since ancient times, after a short period of absence from the public, he returns with this exhibition to present his latest works, which show us in a preponderant way, the need that drives him in this continuous creative process in the direction and search for a pictorial language that combines spirituality with materialism, with this strong need to express emotions. In sculpture, he approaches the design of objects for interiors, with which he tries to illuminate intimate, delicate spaces. Almost silent, made of subtle music, which certainly does not give a glimpse of his true nature as a skilled and well-known jazz musician. A man who surprises in the streets that he continuously undertakes, always looking for new emotions to be transcribed in painting as well as in sculpture and music. The need to create languages, images, sounds, or materials, to be taken for a walk, as in the “drawings for a walk” project.

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