Tommaso Bartoloni

Tommaso Bartoloni in the heart of Greve in Chianti. His works are in fact on display from Saturday, July 9, in the showroom of Fonderia Del Giudice, in Piazza Matteotti. “I have always been passionate about art and painting,” his story begins, “thanks to my mother who used to take me to see exhibitions and give me art catalogs. Which I, even as a child, loved to leaf through. And I would try to redo some of the drawings.”

“The decision to be a painter came one day in the company of my father,” Tommaso recounts further, “When I still had to wait for him to tell me I could cross the street, I saw the sign pointing to Via Andrea del Sarto. And when to my question of who he was, my father answered that he was a painter, I decided that when I grew up I would be a painter. And, perhaps, they would name a street after me as well.”

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