FABSCARTE Wall Lamps Special Event


FABSCARTE Wall Lamps 〜 SPECIAL EVENT Fabscarte presents Wall Lamps, a limited edition art collection located in the Milanese gallery Arte in Salotto. Fabscarte collaborated with Francesco Maluta to create Selvatica, which won the Grande Bellezza prize, promoted by Starhotel in 2021. Visit Fabscarte!

Techno Hands

Today, being a craftsman means knowing how to draw on various resources. It’s necessary to have a lot of skills and knowledge regarding both the processing techniques and the tools used in the workshop, many of them obviously faithful to the past traditions. Dexterity is always the starting point to create a unique piece. In the …

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impiraresse venezia unesco

The Impiraresse: passion, tenacity, perseverance

Thanks to 8 women, a profession that has deep feminine roots becomes “The Art of Glass Pearls” an intangible UNESCO ICH heritage. We are in Veneto, especially in the popular Castello-Venice district, and already between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, women strung pearls, in the impirar dialect, near their homes. The impiraresse usually gathered in …

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