FABSCARTE Wall Lamps Special Event


FABSCARTE Wall Lamps 〜 SPECIAL EVENT Fabscarte presents Wall Lamps, a limited edition art collection located in the Milanese gallery Arte in Salotto. Fabscarte collaborated with Francesco Maluta to create Selvatica, which won the Grande Bellezza prize, promoted by Starhotel in 2021. Visit Fabscarte!

Fondazione Lisio pochette

Fondazione Arte della Seta Lisio

We are on the hills just outside Florence in a place that encompasses a love of tradition, fine manufacturing, high education, a center for research, restoration and culture. The co-protagonists of this adventure are the manual Jacquard looms of the late 19th century; the loom setters with their attention and skill; the weavers with their …

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Renaissance 21st c

Creative Disaster

The disasters, though undeniably tragic, create new resources and opportunities to advance in the design and creation of healthy communities and innovative business reactions; this is what some American universities demonstrate (Javier Monllor of DePaul University in Chicago). Even Eric Weiner in his article titled “Renaissance Florence was a better model of innovation than Silicon …

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